A look at the new PlayStation Store

Recently, Microsoft rolled out their latest Xbox 360 update, splurging their fans with an all new interface, a slew of new features and media services. However, fans of the PlayStation 3 shouldn’t feel too left out, as they’re in for a special treat of their very own when Sony launches its new PlayStation Store next week on October 23rd.

While it’s not a complete firmware update to the PS3, the new PlayStation Store is getting a complete overhaul, distancing itself from the old PS Store interface that PlayStation fans have been accustomed to over the last few years, with a robust amount of accessibility ease to browse the store when it launches.

Sony released a video earlier, giving us a look at the new PlayStation Store. Check it out below.



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  • ruthven

    good looks I updated my p3 and I didn’t even know what the update was for. I will check out the new store when I get home from work

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