Battlefield 3: Aftermath Hands-On Video Preview

Battlefield 3: Aftermath had a trailer a few days ago and now Gamespot has an exclusive hands-on preview! Based on what was said in the video, aftershocks happen during the game! NICE! Spec-Ops: The Line had something similar with the sandstorms but it did not have the frostbite 2 engine.

November 27 on PlayStation 3 Premium members December 4 Xbox 360 and PC Premium members December 11 for non-premium PlayStation 3 owners December 18 for non-premium Xbox 360 and PC owners

For any of you that followed the Battlefield 3 game, yes there is a map that takes place right after that building falls due to set aftershock. Loving the promise of this DLC so far, yes I am a premium member. Scavenger mode seems like my kind of party!

Oh, one more thing… There is a fricken CROSSBOW!

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is the game’s penultimate piece of premium downloadable content, and we got to play it early. Here’s what you need to know.

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