Battlefield 3: Console Vault & Game Bundle

bf3Looks like those boys at EA Games, and Dice are not stopping with just the game alone! They will be releasing a vault style case for you console, with a claymore like attachment, light up LED display, and cooling vents.

Available for owners of both the Xbox 360 Slim and PlayStation 3 Slim systems, the Battlefield 3 Vault is the ultimate customizable case for your system(s). The casing features a Battlefield 3 smoke body, claymore with a 3-mode LED light, DICE logo smoke grenade, and it includes a performance grid that enhances the cooling of your console by increasing airflow. Gamers can alter and customize the body of the Vault as they like using a wide range of accessories including attachable nameplates and controller holder(s).

The Battlefield 3 Vault will be available at as well as all major online retailers. GameStop is offering a special edition bundle that includes a copy of the Battlefield 3 for the PlayStation 3 console, Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack DLC code, and the Battlefield 3 Vault for the PlayStation 3 Slim for $99.99. Customizable nameplates are also available for $17.99.

Nice!! I’m ready, are you??




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