Battlefield 3 Getting Three More Expansions



My heart nearly jumped at reading this, but now I’m a bit disappointed. This starts in June?! I mean already the maps we have now are getting a bit stale, and we need more expansion packs. Yes, I understand they take time to make, but we could have at least one in April. That’s almost 3 months off if it comes in June. I’m hoping that the patch doesn’t take that long either.

Following up its first download expansion Back to Karkand, DICE today revealed plans to bring three more expansions to Battlefield 3 starting this June. Coming this June first to PlayStation 3, Close Quarters focuses on tight infantry battles with smaller maps and includes 10 more weapons.

The third expansion is called Armored Kill. DICE says its all about the vehicle experiences and it has the largest multiplayer map the developer has ever created. The final expansion reveled is called End Game, but DICE is not talking about it at all right now. Pricing details for these expansions were not announced.Battlefield 3 continues to be a massive success for EA. To date, the publisher has shipped 12 million copies of the game since February.



via Game Informer


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  • About fckin time but damn JUNE

  • Yea June seems far, but i do like how they’ve spaced it out.

    1- B2K pack + Assignments. A lot of ppl dont have the BF3 L.E. so sales are still being made plus those that are dope at it are still trying to unlock shit and venturing into other game modes… TDM

    2- June for TDM mode will increase sales for them TDM whores. I will get it bc i want to see the engine inside. FUN 2 be had here. Plus I play TDM when I’m waiting for my “preferred” friends to jump on.

    3- This game is going to have 2yrs STRONG life and the spaced out content is showing that.

    Side note, i want ONSLAUGHT MODE!

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