Battlefield 3 pre-orders top 1.5 million 55



Earlier this month, EA officially revealed that Battlefield 3 pre-orders had topped 1.25 million units, making it the most pre-ordered Battlefield game ever. Now, in a note to investors, analyst Arvind Bhatia from Sterne Agee got some new numbers from EA: Battlefield 3 pre-orders have now reached 1.5 million units. At this pace it’s not unrealistic to expect pre-orders to top 2 million before the game ships on October 25.

Bhatia notes that EA’s inclusion of the Back to Karkand expansion pack has been a good incentive for players to pre-order the game. The Back To Karkand DLC features new maps, vehicles and weapons remade from Battlefield 2. Bhatia adds that they expect Battlefield 3 to outsell Bad Company 2, which sold over 9.5 million units to date, and that the two week head start Battlefield 3 has on Modern Warfare 3 will facilitate a big launch for the game.

Recently, EA offered yet another deal on Origin, where those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3 would get a free copy of Dead Space 2.


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