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Battlefield 3 has been a long time coming. For hardcore first person shooter fanatics, the Battlefield brand has always been at the top of the list. EA made some very specific vows to take the crown as king of first person shooter genre; Battlefield 3 fit nicely into that plan.

Battlefield 3 brings with it some of the strongest points I’ve yet to see in a FPS title. Powered by Dice’s Frostbite gaming engine, playing this game is as close to a masterpiece as you can get. Let’s start with the obvious!

The game is drop dead gorgeous! Attention to detail is in no shortage, in fact its stunning to look at. In both single player and multiplayer, the environments are all beautiful. Buildings, abandoned cars, barren desserts, dust blowing across the field, on and on it goes. Soldiers look and move with uber realism. Weapons are modeled with insane accuracy, right down to empty shells flying from the chambers. Vehicles are also done with extreme detail. Tanks will scare you when you run around a corner; helicopters will intimidate you from afar and the newly added jets look beautiful as they fly by.

Then there is the sound, another byproduct of the Frostbite engine. I’ve never been to war, but I’m going to believe Dice nailed the sounds of war. You’ll know the sound of a tank coming down the block or across the field. You will hear weapons echoing down hall ways even if they are yards away from you. Sniper rifles are thunderous. Helicopters sound all too realistic as they fly by, not to mention the sound when a jet comes in low and hits the afterburners. Amazing!

The strongest thing Battlefield 3 has to offer is incredibly balanced gameplay. They’ve gone a lot of shifting in the classes and abilities each class has. For instance, the “medic” class is no more, instead, the assault class now carries the health packs and the needle to revive team mates. Also interesting, when you revive a team mate, they are not charged with a death. Finally! There are a lot more toys this time around. The support class now gets motors, snipers get a mobile spawn point and engineers get a remote controlled robot with the ability to arm/disarm M-Com stations. There are tons of counter actions for anything in the game. No longer can there be a Level 50 player outside terrorizing an entire team with a helicopter. Tanks are also easily remedied with some team work. Dice has put an incredible amount of thought and work into balancing gameplay, I must say, it all paid off.

The weakest part of Battlefield 3 is the campaign. The campaign is still very good, but it just doesn’t live up to the multiplayer. This time around, it is a lot more serious, almost like a Call Of Duty serious. I would still like to make it clear; the campaign is still very good! There are tons of “WTF” moments where you can’t believe what you are seeing. Everything from bogy hunting in jets to rolling across the deserts in tanks, it is very much enjoyable. The story itself is a little boring, and one that you’ve seen many times before.

So, how does Battlefield 3 fair? Without doubt, this is the strongest Battlefield yet. The Multiplayer is top notch and the best offering you can find when it comes to first person shooters. For once, it has a decent campaign mode, which by the way can be done co-op style. Beautiful graphics and incredible sound seals the package. I give this game a strong 9 out of a possible 10.


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