Battlefield 3 Screenshot Compares Xbox 360 HD and Non-HD Texture Packs



PC is obviously the winner in a graphics comparison, but we all knew that already. What we didn’t know was just how well the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 with the HD texture pack installed looks in comparison. PC clearly has the lighting edge over the Xbox 360 (no matter the HD texture), but nonetheless, for a machine pushing five years old, DICE has optimized it quite well.


Today, thanks to reddit users "xxgrplayer", we have evidence of just how "standard" Battlefield 3 will look without the HD pack installed on the Xbox 360.  Below we have three screenshots comparing the same scene taken with three different setups running Battlefield 3 — the PC version, an Xbox 360 with the HD pack installed, and an Xbox 360 without the HD pack installed.  Keep in mind, these are compressed as JPG and several factors weren’t mentioned like frame rate and resolution.  Still, I think these give a pretty decent depiction of how the game will look comparatively.

Battlefield 3 PC

Battlefield 3 HD texture pack

Battlefield 3 no hd pack


Although several factors could be contributing to the poor quality of the non-HD textured version of Battlefield 3, I assume this is a pretty accurate depiction of what it will look like.  Comparatively, the PC version is better than the Xbox 360 HD-pack version, but not enough to make the game un-enjoyable.  Actually, with the HD texture pack installed, the Xbox 360 stands up quite well to the the PC version.  The non-HD version on the other hand, well, let’s just hope everyone can install it.


via Gamerzone


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