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Crysis 3 has been announced. It’s an actual announcement as well, not just an announcement of an announcement, which is what all the cool kids have been doing lately. It’s not exactly a surprise, though, given that the game accidentally appeared on Origin last week.

EA are calling it the first blockbuster shooter of 2013, promising unparalleled visuals in the ultimate sandbox shooter. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? It takes place in the year 2047, and will see you do battle throughout New York’s Liberty Dome and seven Natural Wonders (newly dubbed ones, it would seem, so sadly there won’t be any fighting in the Colosseum).

The most interesting news seems to be that it’ll be sandbox – whether this means truly free-roaming or EA are just being liberal with its use remains to be seen, as it would mark a departure from Crysis 2‘s more linear levels.

Never one to miss out on a sales opportunity, EA also announced that you can already pre-order Crysis 3, and there’ll be various pre-order goodies for those who do. The limited edition available to pre-order is the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition, and it gives you access to a signature bow, attachments, and a Hunter Nanosuit module for multiplayer. There’ll also be in-game rewards for those who pre-order from specific retailers, with the Stalker Pack, Overkill Pack, and Predator Pack, each giving early multiplayer access to a unique weapon.

Now that it’s been announced, expect the news to start pouring in, and BeefJack will have all the latest Crysis 3 coverage for you when and as it happens.




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