EA Sports is making a new NFL Blitz for PSN and XBL



Man this brings me back, I loved the Blitz series including the gritty spin offs. I might have to get this.

Even with all the safety precautions in the modern NFL, it’s usually the most brutal moments that permeate our collective memories. Whether we’re thinking back to fullback Jon Ritchie’s perpetually bloodied forehead or Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor’s infamous leg-breaking hit on Joe Theismann on Monday Night Football, it’s this gridiron grit that draws us into the game. Of course, no one wants to really see anyone get hurt—except me, ’cause I’m sadistic like that—so what if we could get all the bone-crushing hits without anyone actually having their bones crushed? Well, it looks like a reinvigorated blast from the past may just have that fix we’ve all been waiting for.

The new NFL Blitz looks to return the franchise to its arcade roots, and from what we’ve seen based on our hands-on time, it looks like this was an easy score for EA. Aside from 30-yard first downs and 2-minute quarters, you’ll see post-play elbow drops, players launching themselves across the field like missiles to make unbelievable tackles, and guys just getting the ever-loving stuffing beaten out of them without a single yellow penalty flag in sight. Of course, the guys at developer EA Tiburon (the same folks behind Madden) are also offering some gameplay upgrades, like the collision system and each team getting their own individualized special play on offense in the universal playbook—like my New York Giants’ “Big Apple” play.  It’s all part of the new experience that is NFL Blitz.





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