Flight is no longer just for the birds: Bad Piggies

Rovio’s new spin off of the smash Angry Birds “Bad Piggies” will fly into your mobile device on Sept 27th. In this installment your mission is simple You’ll craft all sorts of shoddy vehicles, from rickety flying machines to creaky jalopies, and then steer your hunk of junk through winding courses as you try to “three-star” the levels. Rovio considers Bad Piggies a brand-new franchise rather than another Angry Birds spinoff, and based on the significantly different gameplay mechanics.

In Angry Birds you smash things up but in Bad Piggies you build stuff. The pigs are all about making plans and building things, even — and especially — when they don’t work!”. Not that Rovio knows much about things not working. The company has turned the Angry Birds franchise into one of the most successful media properties in the world, helping generate over $100 million in revenue for 2011. Over 1 billion copies of Angry Birds have been downloaded since the game’s initial release, which has been spun into everything from theme parks to an upcoming feature film. so get ready to fly Bad Piggies releases on September 27 for iOS and Android users. Rovio also plans on bringing the game to Windows Phone and PC users as well.


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