Forza 4 Demo Impressions [ live commentary videos ]

Forza 4 Demo Impressions

After the Kanye powered trailer we saw earlier in the year, the wait quickly became unbearable. My clan and I quickly returned to forza 3 to tune a whole new batch of A class monsters, and still we waited. Trailer after trailer, dev interview after interview, we were teased. And now, the final tease before the goodness that is forza 4 finds itself home. The demo has been pushed to Xbox live! My oh my.

After counting percent by percent on the download progress menu, I finally got a piece of forza 4. Turn 10 blessed us with two game modes to hold us over for the next week. Quick race and rivals.The quick race gives you access to 3 cars, one track and two laps a race. The most interesting of the three was obviously the Ferrari 457 Italia. The same horse that’s been serving as the poster child for the game. And with good reason.

The first race with the Italia felt all too familiar but had plenty of "fresh" to enjoy. The simulation feel was very much still present; not only was it still upfront and present but it felt so much better. Braking, accelerating, turning and high speed cruising all felt like a breath of fresh air.

The second mode is a Xbox live enabled time trial against your friends. Here you had some high powered cars like the Zhonda and F10 M5 to carry out your bidding. Needless to say this mode turned into an all out competition. 5 of us in a party chat, no one said a word, only the sounds of engine and occasionally "what was your lap time? I just tore that down."

Overall, the demo was a breath of fresh air, a well deserved tease. Graphics are better than expected, physics were incredible, sound was as real as it gets and its all polished well. I suggest you grab the demo just to get your feet wet. The real deal is almost here, just a few more days!

I have done some videos with live commentary for you to enjoy. feel free to leave feedback and add to the convo.


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