G4 Is No More; Will Be Rebranded in 2013 as Less Geek, More GQ


G4 just got worse and worse as it went on, and this new new direction doesn’t bode well either. TechTv forever!

In a world where the Internet allows for infinite voices and instantanious news, TV just never seemed like a destination for pop culture news and opinions. However, if you wanted them, there was only one place to go: G4. The videogame/movie/music centric channel which started in 2002 long had a strangle hold on the geek TV demo, even if that demo wasn’t exactly too interested in TV.

It seems after ten years, though, G4 will soon be going away. NBC Universal, which owns G4, has decided to rebrand the channel older and more hip, in the vein of the magazine GQ. The change is likely to begin in 2013. Read more after the jump.

Currently, G4′s TV programming competes with the likes of Spike, History, SyFy, Discovery and A&E. The GQ-rebranding (which, to be clear, is just an easy way to describe it and not an official, magazine related qualifier) would help radically differentiate the network from those channels and, one would image, attract advertisers who sell products that are a bit more upscale and could afford more expensive ads.

What this means for G4′s coverage of events like Comic-Con, E3 and Attack of the Show is uncertain, but it doesn’t look good. If the future G4 doesn’t focus on such events, that opens a door for someone to step in. Whether that’ll be an Internet channel like Nerdist or something else should be interesting to watch.



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