Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Impressions

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta Impressions

After much anticipation, the beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier is finally here. There was a great deal of hype for fans of the series, but not much else where. Hopefully the beta can change this. For starters, it’s a much more solid beta than that delivered by the Battlefield 3 team. I have not noticed much bugs.

The gameplay is nothing short of amazing. After watching tons of videos, I thought the game would have had a “gears of war” feel to it, totally not the case. The game feels like a perfect balance between battlefield 3, Gears Of War and Socom. If you can imagine such a thing, wait until you play it. Controls feel solid, and head shots feel and look like headshots.

Also new is the amount of customization you can do to the weapons. They’ve really gave great detail to the weapons and how you can Taylor make them to you.

Don’t let me tell it all, check out the video below, some nice in game footage included as well.


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  • This game rocks! A few random bugs which GR has already addressed work arounds on their twitter account.

    SOCOM players… I am one of you my brothers… Zipper is dead… u know there was only ONE other TPS that competed with us… and this GRFS is the way!!!! SPEC-OPS still has something to prove… but for now… MONEY DOWN ON GHOST RECON.

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