Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review including Video Review

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

After what seemed like an eternity, Ghost Recon is back to give the fans another dose of Ubi Soft’s finest. The premise of this title is fairly obvious in its “Future Soldier” title. The Ghost team in which the game is centered around has no shortage of tech to aid them in their ghostly duties. Aside from that, the presentation in the game is all fairly futuristic.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is the graphics engine; this is not a good thing. Future Soldier does not come equipped with the spit and shine polish of the newer generation shooters like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2. Character models seem bland and lack expression in up close cut scenes, backgrounds can be a sore to look at sometimes and in certain areas things can look very “videogame-ish.”

Not all is lost in the visuals department! What it lacks in shine, it makes up for in detail. Aside from the faces, character details are insane. Everything from the weapons to the HUD glasses they wear are all done nicely. The animations themselves are uber fluid and mind blowing to watch. Not only are your soldiers nicely done, but enemies move and react to the environment like real people. Although the environment is not as destructible as Battlefield 3, there is a fair bit of destruction going on, especially when things blow up or you’re being suppressed by a heavy machine gun.

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The sound in the game is very nicely done. So so voice acting aside, environmental sounds, weapons noises and anything else in between will often get you caught up into thinking you’re in a real life situation. You really get a satisfactory feeling when creeping around in stealth mode with very little to no noise versus an all-out gun battle.

The shining star of Future Soldier is without doubt the solid gameplay mechanics. This is the first game I’ve played in a very long time where the shooting mechanics of the single player feel identical to those of the multiplayer. The BF3’s and COD’s of the world suffer from this quite a bit, and to be honest, its something that annoys me to no end. Playing single player in those games almost always result in “how the hell is he not dead yet” comments and frustrations head shots never seem to register. The shooting dynamic in Future Soldier is solid right across the board, couple that with the more than excellent cover system in the game and you get one hell of a game play experience. Moving from cover to cover, popping out for a shot, back to cover, pop out to throw a grenade all seems really effortless.

Hand in hand with the mechanics are the controls. The only other third person shooter I can remember being worthwhile was Gears Of War, which wasn’t my cup of tea. In comparison, Future soldier hits home in an almost perfect way! Moving from left to right, in and out of cover, aiming from the hip versus the iron sight are things all made easy by the solid controls. Your soldier is always predictable, even though well equipped with all types of cover exit maneuvers and different stances.

Also noteworthy is the gunsmith. Gunsmith allows you to tear down the guns in the game and upgrade them how you see fit. For instance, you could take a super powerful weapon like the M60, which is known to be wildly inaccurate, and tone it down a bit, add some control to it and even make it a bit easier to run around with. Things like sights, gas systems, triggers, rail attachments and even muzzles can all be customized to your liking. With a feature like this, not only will be becoming super addicting, but it’s hard to complain as anyone should be able to tailor make a weapon to their game style.

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So how about that future in Future Soldier? Well, I am happy to report it is well implemented and not overdone like I had expected. There is no shortage of toys your boys have at their disposal, things like magnetic vision, cloaked uniforms and the Intel drone all give the game its flavor.

The most appreciated aspect of the Future Solder for me is the overall feel when all of these various elements come together. Great cinematics, intense stealth missions and some wild gun fights keep you at the edge of your seat!

The multiplayer is also well represented. You have a “horde” like mode called Guerrilla where you defend a position against multiple waves of enemies and earn upgrades all the way through. There is also a four player co-op story mode, and then the competition game modes. One of my favorite is the return of the siege mode where the offended team must capture the base, oh, one more thing….there are no respawns in that mode! Nice!

Future Soldier may seem a day late and a dollar short at time, but when you take a look at it as a whole package, this really is the most well rounded shooter we’ve seen in a long time. With plenty of gaming options and a great campaign mode, not only hardcore fans of the serious will be pleased, but gamers in general. It really isn’t hard to see why this game took so long to show its face, instead of pushing the envelope on graphics, Ubi Soft decided to really fine tune the gameplay and everything around it, you’ve got to be a mad person to be mad at that. I would gladly give Future Soldier a solid 9 out of 10, mainly on the premise that it is NOT COD or BF3 and does so with grace. Short comings aside, this is an entertaining title and is well worth some hours.

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