Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Should be the New Home for SOCOM Veterans

Farewell Zipper! Condolences to those whom jobs/careers may have been affected due to the split of Zipper Interactive. This call came down by SONY and has desperately left many questions behind for SOCOM vets such as myself.

Yes, this is a long ass post. If you want my overview opinion, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is the new home for SOCOM, watch the video below:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Multiplayer Gameplay via PS3

Dare to know more? Get a background story? Then continue, “Take off your bra if you like.” (LMFAO) If not, skip all the way to the bottom of this post “2012: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”

My first reaction to the news was “OMG, This could mean I will never get another SOCOM game, ever.” After that reaction and several disbelief actions, I came out with one question, “Now What?” I’ve already had some idea as to what games I would look forward to as a SOCOM replacement.

The SOCOM series has been in trouble for quite some time now, and many asked us SOCOM vets “Why don’t SOCOM Vets switch over to [Metal Gear Online]?” There were several answers;

  • MGS 4 came out in June 2008, SOCOM: Confrontation was coming in OCT 2008, SOCOM vets were still playing the PS2 games of; SOCOM, SOCOM 2, SOCOM 3, SOCOM CA extremely hard!
  • We respect MGS but the campaign indicated what the online would be in terms of controls.
  • It had some futuristic stuff in there that we did not want in our SOCOM game, so why go to MGO?
  • It’s not our game. We still had BURNING HOPE/PASSION for OUR game.

Now, that was in 2008, let’s fast forward it February 14th 2012 when it was announced that MGO would be shut down for good on June 12, 2012… This is exactly 4yrs to the date of its release. Now let me tell you something else about us SOCOM Vets… That’s a HUGE “FUCK YOU” to the fans, and we know what that feels like but us SOCOM Heads are loyal to what we play. Hell, I still load up EVERY console version (except SOCOM 4) of SOCOM till this day. Our PS2 servers still work for SOCOM 1 and it was released in 2002, that is ten years later but MGO is done four years after its release? Yea, we shall pass on that!

SIDENOTE: I am tempted to borrow a friends copy to play it before its down forever!

So again… “Now What?” Many of us SOCOM heads jumped over to FPS’ and I know some really great SOCOM players that have become fans of Call of Duty, some found their way to Rainbow 6 (Hoorah), some found BATTLEFIELD (Hoorah), and a large group of us are still holding down SOCOM: Confrontation (Green Up!).

SIDENOTE: I predicted that SOCOM: CONF would be the last real SOCOM if the SOCOM 4 had ANY changes in it, in terms of look-and-feel.

SOCOM 4 came out April 2011, and it was dead half way of it’s one year mark. This could mean that in less than a year, Zipper Interactive got fired/split up/disband due to the numbers of this game.

SIDENOTE: I seriously doubt that Zipper Int. disrespected the SOCOM COMMUNITY on purpose, and with this move by SONY, I seriously believe now that they had a gun to their head.

Now, SOCOM players could look at Spec Ops: The Line, which is a reboot of the Spec Ops series and it has a lengthy history. In my personal opinion, it was the precursor to SOCOM for the PS2 because Spec Ops was on PS1 (The franchise started on PC in 1998) and the two games do not look to far from each other. Please observe and skim the videos below.

Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Gameplay (PS1: 2001)

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs (PS2: 2002) // Bad Quality, start a minute into the video.

Yeah, so naturally the new Spec Ops: The Line would be a notable candidate, however. The Ghost Recon series has always been the whisper in our ears.

Tom Clancy is one amazing mo-fo because his games (as well as books and movies) are hits. For at least half a decade, someone with Ghost Recon and an X-Box (maybe a PS2) would always taunt a SOCOM-Playstation 2 owner. The first several Ghost Recons were FPS-like (and damn near all of them were FPS’ for PS2), but it wasn’t until Ghost Recon 2 in 2004 where the actual rivalry in the tactical / third person shooters began.

In 2003, SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs was the TPS to have for online gamers, so a year later, when Ghost Recon 2 joined the TPS world, we immediately dismissed it and for good reason. PS2 players that did try it, found a bad game, why? Well, simply put, the PS2 couldn’t handle it. Little did us SOCOM players know, the Ghost Recon 2 on X-box was far more superior than its sister on the PS2, which actually made it a competitor on another platform… Can you see the split starting to happen here? Those people that had both systems had to make a choice.

From GR2 to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 for PS2 and PS3, us SOCOM heads were not even looking that way. GRAW for the PS2 went back to FPS style. In August 2007, GRAW 2 for the PS3 was on par with its X-Box 360 version, but guess what? SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assault came out in 2006 and there was no SOCOM game coming to PS3 until 2008… So like me, many of us SOCOM Vets/Heads stayed on the PS2 rocking out! Rah-He-Laaaaa! (SOCOM 2 also had major usage at this time).

During the time of GR2, if you had an X-Box you had friends on the PS2, they would talk back and forth about the games, and inside of SOCOM rooms one would ask if they played whatever the latest Ghost Recon game, and we’d bash it in comparison, most of us didn’t own an X-Box so we had no idea that the PS2 versions didn’t fully represent the games true power.

2012: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

SOCOM players communicate. We believe in teamwork. We believe in getting shit done. We believe in ONE-AND-DONE. We fucking hate RESPAWN, unless you are warming up for the real game. We take CLANS seriously. We play with honor and police ourselves from cheaters and exploiters (we would VOTE OUT players on our own team if caught; sometimes they would get ONE warning). We play for the WIN and will die for that “W”. We breach, bang, clear. We only care about K:D ratios after you’ve reached a certain level but what is more important than that? W:L ratios. That’s twice for the WIN.

My fellow SOCOM heads & vets, I’ve been on this beta and I have searched/purchased/played GRAW 2 for a little bit, these Ghost Recon players believe in what we believe. Sure they have futuristic shit that us SOCOM players don’t believe in, but it is very balanced. It works. The best part of it is, it frustrates them as well.

My first thoughts on playing the GRFS Beta is that if you strip out the “future” part of the game and look at the gameplay, movement, mechanics, and controls… My friends, THIS is what our SOCOM 4 should’ve been like. Forget about game modes for a second. Forget about respawn for a minute. The GAME plays how a third person shooter should play. While I was playing this game, and the bare things that us SOCOM players hold to our hearts (as mentioned above) I could not help but feel that this is the way to go. I urge you to FIND ACCESS into the BETA of this game before it closes.

Join me on GRFS. Green Up!

Ghost Recon Future Soldier the new home for SOCOM players

Ghost Recon Future Soldier the new home for SOCOM players



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