Idiot Prints Fake Money, Uses It To Buy Xbox 360, Almost Gets Away With it





Don’t have enough money for a new Xbox 360? Want it right now? Why don’t you just print your own money? …Oh, it’ll get you arrested. Right.


Twenty-one year-old Christopher Moore of Norfolk, Virginia, stopped by his local GameStop to buy a new Xbox 360. Moore paid for the Xbox 360 in cash, and was on his merry way. The store manager, however, decided the hundred dollar notes Moore paid with were a little bit suspicious.

The manager gave the bills to the police, who passed them on to the secret service, who deemed the notes to be fake.

Now, you might think Moore was pretty clever and could even possibly get away with this. Wrong. Moore, being a complete idiot, came back to the same GameStop the very next day trying to return the Xbox 360 in exchange for real money. The manager, who wasn’t an idiot, called the cops who then made an arrest, confiscating even more fake one hundred dollar notes from him.

Why would he go to the same GameStop? Seriously.


via GamerNX


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