Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Home Run Mode on Sarajevo Stadium & Combat Mission on Shogore Valley (Update)

MOH Warfighter

Yuup!! Just note that you will probably be seeing more video like this from the New Medal Of Honor: Warfighter game due out later this month. This type of game play is sure to bring you “Running & Gunning” gamers intense ‘Girlfriend’ angering hours shooting em’ up, while stealing and planting flags. reminds me of a much better version of Halo’s capture the flag. Combat Mission looks phenomenal as it always did. That was actually my favorite game mode on the previous MOH.  October 23rd can’t get here any sooner!




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  • They will run from me in this mode too! in MOH2010, it was clean sweep that had this type of classic play in it. I cannot wait!

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