Minecraft Update 1.8.2 For Xbox LIVE Is Here!!!



I knew this was on its way and last night my son (Lil Super Ugli) had informed me it arrived. with all its cheese, Minecraft is a addictively fun game. after you suck up your pride and give it a try. There are, literally, butt loads of changes coming with this update. So, with all of this new content coming to a game as beloved as Minecraft (it’s the second most popular game behind Modern Warfare 3) fans are right to feel a little bit jittery over what’s in store. I read a few months back the creators of the game were releasing a update for the xbox version to make it more like the PC game. I haven’t tried it yet but according to my son the update is great. they added Creative Mode which is a biggie, it allows you to build freely with unlimited materials so you can put your mind to work and get creative without running out of resources and speed up your build time. Super flat lands were also added. This gives you a world with a flat canvas to start building on. I myself don’t know if I will use this feature as I like cutting into the side of a mountain to build there. But at least there are more options now.

There’s also a few new items and animations. Items include: melon, melon slice, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw and cooked Beef, raw and cooked chicken, rotten flesh, iron bars, fence gate, stone bricks, stone brick slabs, stone brick stairs, brick slabs, brick stairs, ender pearl, web, vines, more music discs, sponge and chain armor are being included in the Minecraft 1.8.2 update. Some of those items will also be a part of the crafting menu. New animations include a drawing and firing action for the bow (including bows held by skeletons), pig snouts now protrude from their heads, better sunrise and sunset graphics, improved rain edges and functioning chests with 3D locks will add to the already captivating environments made possible in Minecraft.

Overall I think the update is great and will bring hours of fun to a game that can already suck up your time!

Here are few builds I have always thought were pretty cool



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