Modern Warfare 3 Review


Modern Warfare 3 has touch down, and you should be paying attention! Before I get into anything, let me put your mind at ease. This is NOT Black Ops. It is important everyone understand MW3 is to be taken seriously. Black Ops felt like a tragic mistake from day one, I could tell it was off from the very moment I moved my character. That is not the case this time around; they seemed to have kept Trey Arch far, far away from the game [insert applause]

MW3 is pretty much the same old game engine you’ve been used to. This comes with plenty of advantages and few disadvantages. Perhaps the most glaring disadvantage is the graphics. The game shows its age a bit, especially after hours of Battlefield 3 gameplay. But wait, that does not mean the game looks bad. In fact, this game is beautiful, and wisps along at 60 FPS. The sound of things blowing up around you, weapons and the voice over of the soldiers around you are executed to perfection.

The campaign should be categorized as a work of art. You will be presented with more “OH SHIT!” moments than you can count. It’s almost overwhelming, but you’ll always want more! Hold on to that “wanting more” feeling, the campaign while amazing is also ridiculously short. I would love to say WTF, but this is nothing new to COD, so whatever.

Modern Warfare 3 Review

And now for the multiplayer. This is a formula you know well, as I mentioned before, this time is has been done justice. Black Ops was such a huge step backwards for the franchise that MW3 feels like a breath of fresh air. This feels like the gem the first MW was, tight controls and kill streak madness! Now you can add toy madness to the list. There are tons of toys for you to piss people off with, it is now entirely possible to kill people with everything but a gun. Also worth mentioning, kill streaks and toys are all well balanced. You’ll still find yourself running like all hell when you hear someone scream “AC-130” but it’s never as frustrating as it was in the past. The multiplayer gameplay is incredible balanced. The weapons all feel great, and the mighty shotgun category received a much needed loss of powerrange.

This year’s edition comes with some online/social media presence. The COD team is calling this Elite. Elite offers a few really cool features to gamers, the first is a Facebook like interaction where you can see what your friends have been up to. The second is a compete feature where you can meet challenges in the community and even win real world prizes. The last is improve, where you get strategies for maps and weapons to help you become a better player. As nice as this sound, Elite will cost you $49.99 a year. I don’t care who you are and what you do with this game; there is no excuse for this fee. The only thing Elite will be getting from me is a side eye.

Modern Warfare 3 Review 2

MW3 has one trick left, Spec Ops. This is pretty much a mix of campaign and multiplayer. You and a friend get to run around a map fighting waves of enemies. You get most of the toys and kill streaks from the multiplayer, so it gets interesting the more you play it.

After the huge disappointment that was Black Ops, MW3 didn’t have to try to hard to look good. But, the over the top campaign, well balanced multiplayer and addition of the new Spec Ops mode made a point. The Call Of Duty series is cult like for good reason. I would love to score MW3 as high as it would seem, but the reality is, we’ve seen this before. It is more of the same, and painfully feels that way after a few hours of gameplay. The only limits pushed are that of the game engine. It’s old, showing age and needs to be put to pasture. Stalked up against later generation power houses like Crysis and Battlefield 3, MW3 starts to crumble extremely fast. Because of this, I am going to give MW3 a solid 7. It still is fun, but then again, so is Tetris.


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  • I love an honest review and this definitely sounds like one. Although, id like to hear more clarification on disadvantages. Not that i want to ponder on the bad or because im a BF3 fanboy but because specific examples tend to give people a “Ahh yeah i hate that when it happens” reference point. I for one will not be purchasing it as after Playing BF3 and Homefront nothing compares in the realm of online multiplayer FPS. Thanks for the review!

  • Jerry James

    I like the game BUT! it’s def nothing ground breaking or even NEW. Battlefield 3 for the WIN!

  • The one thing al give MW3 is that its customizable, i wish BF3 had a similar system but each game is their own.

  • SanJeezy

    I’m def intrigued by their special ops. Liked mw2 special ops more than anything else, hope mw3 is even better

  • ramon

    I’m def intrigued by their special ops. Liked mw2 special ops more than anything else, hope mw3 is even better

    The spec ops is really dope. I love it.

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