Modern Warfare 3 Tops 9.3 million First Day (Biggest Industry Launch Ever)

Call of duty modern warfare 3


I thought the popularity would start to go down with this title but maybe not. Now, I believe they can keep releasing this game for at least to till the next console generation. I think that will be the first time they actually should look into changing the formula.


‘When will this franchise peak?’ Many asked this after last year’s Black Ops defied all odds and outsold a Modern Warfare Call of Duty game (the very reason the series is so big today); a brand within itself. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Call of Duty has yet again broken industry records, but it’s by how much that makes it staggering.

A reported 1.5 million people queued at midnight globally to get their hands on Modern Warfare 3, with a total of 9.3 million copies sold on the first day. The Xbox 360 version sees around a 54% share, meaning it’s the first game on one platform to pass 5 million on its first day. The PlayStation 3 version held 42%, which is around the 4 million mark. Both day ones are only slightly behind Black Ops entire first week sales. The PC version and the Wii version held the remaining 4%, which is around 370,000 units.

As a whole, Modern Warfare 3 is up 33% over Black Ops’ first day sales, and a whopping 55% up on the previous Modern Warfare. the US and the UK combined account for 7 million, which is just over 75%.

Early data suggests first week sales are on course for around 12 to 13.5 million. With just over 87 million Call of Duty games already sold on home consoles and PC this generation, by the end of this week the Call of Duty franchise will have sold over 100 million games this generation.


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