NBA Jam hits Google Play thanks to EA Sports



My train ride to work in the mornings is about to get a whole lot funner!

OMG! That is about all I can about this. Electronic Arts has just release NBA Jam to the Play Store for all to relive their pasts. I remember spending countless hours playing every Jam game that was released. The fast paced 2 on 2 action, the insane roof top dunks and setting your player on fire kept things fun. Not to mention the lack of penalties and fouls. It was NBA meets Street ball with a huge replay value. BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! Yes, we said it.

The release isn’t a port of the old classic either. EA took the time to add in players from the current NBA roster. They also brought back Tim Kitzrow, the original announcer for the game in the 90′s. You have a few game modes to choose from such as Play Now, Classic campaign or play your friend on a local Wi-Fi connection.

The file size is pretty hefty, 300MBs, we recommend a Wi-Fi connect after purchasing to download the assets need to enjoy the classic. Hit up the QR code below to snag this when you get a chance and get back to slam dunkin’.



via Android Spin


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