New Medal of Honor and God of War 4 Confirmed



Thanks to a motion capture animator’s CV on, God of War 4 and Medal Of Honor 2 is revealed to be in development.

Rumors have been circling around the fact if God of War 4 is currently planned and in development for some time now. Today, we have received more information backing the claims that not only God of War 4 is currently in development, but also a new Medal of Honor title. This news comes from the source of David Thornfield, a mo-cap animator at House of Moves. He recently posted under his profile on Linkedin, which has since been removed, that he has experience in “creating high quality animations using Motion Builder editing motion capture data for both in-game and cinematic animation” with the following titles listed:

Medal of Honor
God of War 4
WWE 13
To view an image of the page before it was taken down, view the photo in the left sidebar. This just adds to the pile of sources that confirm that these two titles are indeed in develop. Now, we must wait for each respective publisher to reveal this two titles.

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