New Modern Warfare 3 details and Spec Ops Survival Trailer

New Modern Warfare 3 details and Spec Ops Survival Trailer

the MW3 hype train is certainly picking up! more details and a new trailer is exactly what’s needed to keep the fans watering at the mouth.

Spec Ops

  • The M16 shown is reminiscent of the one from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • You will be fighting against forces on the ground… as well as forces in the sky, such as helicopters.
  • You will start out Survival with a certain amount of armor along with your base health.
  • Extreme Conditioning, Steady Aim, and SitRep all confirmed as perks for Survival, and I’m assuming that means multiplayer as well.
  • The Model 1887 shown has a red dot sight on it.
  • The “USAS 12″ is confirmed, and appears to be similar to Modern Warfare 2′s  AA-12 shotgun.
  • You can share money with your teammate at the armory.
  • Predator missiles are confirmed at least for Spec Ops.
  • Riot Shields are back in (I hope I’m not the only one who loves this news).
  • You can call in squads of troops to help you from the Air Support Armory.
  • Equipment such as claymores are not in the same category as grenades as they were in Modern Warfare 2, although it is unknown if that is going to carry over to multiplayer.
  • You can throw support markers that can be used as targets for friendly AC-130s.
  • The explosives on the dogs are still active when they die.
  • There will be some kind of chemical gas or weapon that can be used against you.

Online Multiplayer

  • The mini-maps/radars are much more detailed with color and map features.
  • Killstreaks can be cycled through.
  • The FMG9 is a fold-able gun, and may be a secondary.
  • The player appears to use a weapon that is a cross between a C4 and a Bouncing Betty (from World at War) to kill an enemy.
  • The new Killstreak system appears to work through points rather than just kills. This means that assists, captures, plants, and defuses may go into earning a killstreak. This may be the most important thing shown.
  • At 14 points, the player can get the Juggernaut killstreak. It appears that you can call in one of the Juggernauts featured in Spec Ops to do some dirty work for you on the battlefield. For such a high cost, these things will probably be DEADLY. They will probably also be great for countering campers and stagnant enemies.
  • You may be able to earn killstreaks multiple times in a life, as the killstreak bar resets in the video once the player earns the Juggernaut.
  • You may be able to get killstreaks through the use of other killstreaks if the strange explosive weapon shown is indeed a killstreak of its own.


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