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XBOX360Gamers all over the globe, glued to their personal computers, and tied into all types of Microsoft related blogs and forums waited patiently for December 6th, 2011 for the latest in hat tricks from #teamxbox. Needless to say, that very team has done it again, and in a big way. The release of the Xbox Dashboard update continues to bring the Microsoft Social full circle, integrating home computing as well as the mobile experience right into the world of gaming via Xbox.

Lets jump right into some noticeable changes:

XBox Tile Dashboard 1

The Dashboard has been given a total facelift to almost mirror the look of the Windows 8 Metro UI. Standard and Live Tiles are ever present and the listed categories have been conveniently laid out as “Bing (search), Home, Social, Video, Games, Music, Apps., and Settings”. Panning left to right takes you through the categories with ease, and for those who will be using the The Kinect sensor, you find that the update has allowed for full integrated use of the sensor on the actual dashboard. (Swiping your hand from left to right or right to left takes you through each of the categories.) If you are feeling a bit worn out after playing Kinect Adventures then you need not use your hand to swipe between the categories, just speak the xbox commands and you can navigate the dashboard without the use of the controller or hand gestures. (Yes they covered all angles!)

Xbox Tile Dashboard 2


Xbox 360 MarketplaceMicrosoft’s Marketplace has now been added to the Xbox dashboard for the Apps., Videos, Games, and Music categories. These feature, much like using the Marketplace on a Windows Phone will allow the user to download straight to there xbox. Other third parties Apps such as, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter can also be downloaded to the Dashboard. The Verizon Fios, HBO-GO, and Youtube are among the many apps that are slated to be made available in the near future.


 Xbox Social Beacons And ActivityA new feature called Beacons & Activity has been added to the dashboard. This allows for users to automatically notify friends what they are currently playing, as well as send game invites. Beacons & Activity can also send gaming info and notifications via Facebook and Twitter should you have them set up and can display info about your friends stats in the game they are currently playing and the games that they have recently played.

Xbox Social Beacons And Activity 2


 Xbox360 Bing SearchThe Xbox360 Dashboard Bing search feature has also been added, giving users the ability to search the their favorite Music, music artist, movie, actor, Marketplace Apps or TV shows.

The New Dashboard is as easy to use as it is intuitive; while system Management, Preferences, accounts and other settings features are now much more conveniently placed. As a whole, the New Xbox Dashboard update has certainly forced me to reaffirm my love for great technology and innovation. Kudos to the Xbox team for making the user experience that much more friendly.  Check out the IGN video preview on the New Dashboard Update below.

Keep a look out right here for more info on the New Xbox Dashboard update features, and apps as they are released.




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