Nintendo’s Wii U Lands In Stores Nov. 18 In Two Versions, Base Price of $300


Why would anyone buy this, it is going to be able to play games the Xbox and ps3 can play, well if you want to play those you probably already own an Xbox or ps3, or if you don’t you can get one of the older systems for less. Let’s face it once the new Xbox/PS system comes out the wii u is going to be painfully obsolete and you will be stuck with a system that cannot play the future big multi platform games. If you want it for Mario or Zelda carry on if you are getting it for future third party games you are going to be sadly disappointed.

As we learned late last night from its Japanese launch event, the Wii U will come in two editions — a “basic” white version with 8GB of storage and a “deluxe” black version with 32GB of storage. The basic version costs $300 and the deluxe version runs $350.

It has 1GB of RAM for “game memory” and 1GB of RAM for “system memory.” Wii U owners who owned a Wii before will be able to transfer their WiiWare and Virtual Console games to the new system.

Unlike the Wii’s motion-sensing gameplay, the Wii U mostly centers its gameplay around a touch-screen tablet controller. On some games, you can play a title on your TV and transfer the picture over to the tablet screen. Other games make you use the touch screen as primary input method while you look at your TV screen. Still, others provide a unique multiplayer experience with one person using the tablet controller and others using Wiimotes.

The Wii U debuted to mixed reactions at last year’s E3 gaming conference. Those reactions have remained decidedly mixed throughout this year as Nintendo readies for its big launch. An executive from Electronic Arts even recently told us that that Wii U was not in his “top five priorities.”

While the Wii U has easily noticeable foes in the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, it also faces stiff competition in the casual gaming department from tablets, smartphones, and social networks. Future consoles could be challenging to compete with as well. The console appears to have the power of a 360 or PS3, but it almost certainly won’t stand up to the next-gen console offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

The Wii U will have a tough time living up to its predecessor, as the Wii has sold 96 million units to date.



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  • Wii U for $299.99 = 8GB vs Wii U for $349.99 = 32GB?

    Man oh man, do I see the setup already. There is information missing. But I am going to SPECULATE hard right here.

    I’m tired of being supportive. I must say SELL on this product now. If the Wii U is suppose to be UP TO the PS3/Xbox360 scale now… than a 32GB system is D-O-A!

    Why is it DOA? Because NOW the Wii U can get PS3/X360 games of today… which is why you cannot buy a PS3/X360 w/ ANYTHING under 120GB.

    PS3 pisses me off bc i gotta waist memory just to install the damn game b4 i play. X360 wins in this department as it is OPTIONAL.

    Both X/P gets TONS of DLC… DLC runs from 1gb – 4gb… My BF3 on PS3 “save game data” is just under 8GB for THIS GAME ALONE. This doesn’t include the INSTALL which was something like 3-4GB by itself. This is a minimum of 12GB for ONE GAME… BYE BYE 8GB Wii U! SMH.

    32GB should be THE STARTER! why is it a 4x difference btwn the two. 24GB Difference! GTFOH!

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