PC version of Battlefield 3 leaked 12 days before release date



Honestly I Don’t think that the developer/publisher should be concerned about the "pirated" leak. Leaks does not justify potential sales. I think in this case it will help sales. I’ve pre-ordered my copy, doesn’t matter if the pirated game is out 2 weeks before. Consoles is not any different at all, almost all consoles games are leaked way before release date, and that does not seem to effect its sales.

Piracy is the bane of every game developer who is courageous enough to release their games on the PC, and DICE is the most recent entry into the long list of developers who’ve been affected. The PC version of Battlefield 3 as of writing this post had made its way to numerous torrent websites and file sharing websites. Various readers have emailed us regarding this news.

The leaked PC version is around 10 GB in size and the single-player campaign can be played without any issues. We have confirmed this via multiple sources. Although the installation is in Russian for the torrent built, the game supports English and various other languages.

Although, it’s unclear as to how it got leaked, but it can be due to various reasons. A reviewer might have gone rogue and uploaded it, or maybe a retailer did the same. Whatever it was, this is really bad news. Also, since the installation is in Russian apparently, it suggests that it was a Russian who leaked the game.

Although, Battlefield 3 is focused heavily on multiplay, and there won’t be as affected as titles which are solely focused on single-player, however this is still going to hurt, especially since it won’t be until October 25 that the game will be released officially.

We urge every one to support DICE and buy a copy of the game, especially since they’ve announced time and again that the game is being developed with PC as the lead platform. You can pre-order it through various retail outlets. We hope DICE will get aware of this soon, and issue a statement urging to do the same.


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