PS3 LV0 Encryption Keys Leaked. May Be A New Era Of Piracy

Sony is under the gun one more time with its popular PlayStation 3 console. A hacker group called “Three Musketeers” has made the LV0 Keys public to all. These keys are at the very backbone of Sony’s security for the PS3, so much so, that the keys interact directly with the cell processor itself. What is particularly troubling is the fact that Sony may not be able to get around this. These Keys were the pretty much the last level of security the system had. This means, potentially any firmware update Sony pushes could be bypassed with little to no effort. Ouch!


Fans are excited while others are afraid of what this could me. In theory, we could finally see a “jailbreak” of sorts for the PS3, which would enable a long awaited homebrew community to thrive. Everyone else, well, this could mean a huge piracy issue on both gaming and Blu Ray movie fronts. Because this is a low level security measure and the last stop Sony had in place, this could get really ugly really quickly.


Rumor has it the hacker group had their hands on these LV0 keys for some time now, but choosed not to release them, so why now? Apparently, another hacker group was able to get a hold of the keys and had plans to release them to make a profit, so Three Musketeers made it public to stop their plans. If this was so, this could make the hacket group Three Musketeers less of an enemy and more of a good samaritan, how about that?

As of now, Sony has made no comment on the situation.




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