Ronnie Shalvis: Parkour / Free Runner Becomes A Real life Assassin’s Creed Character (Must See)


Okay you are probably wondering, what in the hell is Parkour? Well I will explain at best. Parkour derived from the French word Parcours means: Physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within ones path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin. Okay, now in laymen’s terms it simply mean free-running.


Now having gotten this little bit of info out of the way, on to the imagination of one Ronnie Shalvis; Parkour (free-runner) as he himself dons a look alike Assassin’s Creed outfit (ah la) Desmond Miles and begins to sprint through some unknown, New york like city area. The video is as entertaining as it is dangerous to anyone that might be thinking about any attempt to recreate a stunt performed by this man. Never the less this was the dopest (yea that’s a word LOL) video I have seen in sometime. Check it out.




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