Sony’s comeback plan: Putting a PlayStation into every Android phone




Last night Sony held an investor conference to unveil its plans to turn things around, following a terrible fiscal year that’s seen the company project a $6.4 billion loss. The plan? Focus on gaming and, more specifically, force the Playstation brand into every phone going.

Sony’s new approach has been named ‘One Sony’, which is a title designed to show that its looking to narrow its focus and drive its key business areas. Those are digital imaging, mobile and – crucially – gaming.

The plan is to rapidly up the level of downloadable games and improve the reach and use of the PSN store, so as to drive revenue through game sales and subscriptions directly into Sony’s pocket. Sounds good, but that’s just the start.

Playstation Suite: 5 games we want to see

As part of the plan, Sony intends to dramatically increase the reach of the Playstation Suite. Currently, the only Playstation Suite-certified devices are select Xperia handsets and Sony’s tablets, with HTC rumoured to have signed up. But that’s not enough.

While no details on specific devices were given, it’s understood that Sony will probably look to get the Playstation Suite into as many Android handsets as possible. With gaming now one of the few areas where the iPhone still has a wider choice, we reckon most Android manufacturers will be extremely happy to take on Sony’s Playstation branding, even if there’s little other than Crash Bandicoot to get excited about for the time being.

Will HTC launch a Playstation Phone?

But you can expect that to change. Once Sony gets the Playstation Suite into every Android handset and tablet going, games will surely start to flood in. Is Sony’s redirected focus going to be a boon for Android? Let us know your thoughts below.




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