Spectator Gaming, It’s Growing! (GameSpot Reports Video: Spectator Gaming)

GameSpot Reports Video: Spectator Gaming

GameSpot Reports Video: Spectator Gaming

About 16-months ago, a few of my friends and I were talking about “What do we want in Next-Gen consoles & gaming.” One thing that I pointed out was the ability to watch my friends play their games in the form of a stream. Why Not? Look at twitch.tv and some of the others that are around.

Also, look at how many people are posting their run-throughs/walk-throughs. Just think about this, if X-Box does cross-chat and sometimes one of the two are just… “chilling doing nothing” while one is gaming, he/she could just watch their friend game. Before I continue with this thought, watch GameSpot’s take on “Spectator Gaming.”

SOURCE: GameSpot Reports Video: Spectator Gaming

Now, back to my thoughts. With the GameSpot video, plus my thoughts on it, I think it would be cool. Many times, I enjoy watching a friend (or older/younger brother) play games that I have ZERO intention on playing. Name one? Final Fantasy games (don’t stone me!). I LOVE the story for the FF games, I HATE playing RPGs. But, for whatever reason, when I spectate the RPG element, I don’t mind it, weird right? “I special!”

As the video spectated, younger siblings/cousins had to watch. Some of the best single player games had 5 kids in one room as one player did it. I remember when Resident Evil 1 and 2 came out. My cousins, friends and I were crammed up in a room for 9 hours straight, watching the game while only 1 (maybe 2 due to fatigue) actually played it.

Going back to what Joe Ciaramelli said in the video, “It’s kind of like DirectTV for games.” I agree with that in the Twitch.tv world but we all know that TV is better with friends/family.

What do you think?

Would you watch a friend on your PSN/XBLA list play a game, even if it is limited to just the Single Player/Campaign (to remove lag from online play)?

Do you watch play/run-throughs of video games or online battles of other players through streaming sites?

This could be the future!

Side Note: I also think that consoles in the future should have PVR functionality.



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  • Ramon Trotman

    i couldn’t agree with you more. The challenge is not only raw hardware power, but also bandwidth to support that kind of request. I have long been in love with this idea, its a great way to be at an event with out being there. You get to watch and learn from your friends with little effort!

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