Tons Of MW3 Glitches Being Exploited

Tons Of MW3 Glitches Being Exploited

After reading about a few glitches last week and seeing video of them in action, this week some brand new glitches has been discovered. As you’ll see in the video, players have found a way to once again access roof tops on certain maps. As a huge COD fan (once upon a time….) I can’t tell you how frustrating and unfair this makes the game. Just when you thought the days of silliness like care package glitching were gone, MW3’s age old engine proves you wrong. Check out the video below.

Watch how they can super jump to different parts of the rooptop when shotgun jumping in mid air – it’s pretty crazy actually that this kind of thing wasn’t spotted by Infinity Ward. You can bet that it will be patched up though in the next title update for the game as it’s clear to see that it proves a clear advantage for players if they can reach out-of-bounds areas and hide from unsuspecting victims.

This glitch was found by RSPProductionz and can be achieved on the Fallen map. Watch it below and let us know if you have seen anyone in the game using it. Is it a ‘game-breaking’ glitch or one of the more ‘harmless’ glitches in your opinion? We’re guessing that a lot of you are probably trying to emulate these shotgun jumps after seeing them in game, so we’re interested to hear what you have to say about it.



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