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In the world of gaming, some of us look for ways to make the experience a more enjoyable one. Add on peripherals, and accessories sometimes do just that. In some house holds, the use of surround sound systems may not be an option. Financial or just a lack of space sometimes poses an issue for some. When you are an extreme gamer, Mono play back just may not cut it. Games like Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty offers High Definition playback of sound during in game activity, missing out on some of those critical sounds can mean the difference between someone sneaking up behind you with a knife in hand; attempting to ruin you kill/death ratio, or you hearing the foot steps of the above mention player; and surprising them with a knife of you own.

The people of Mad Catz and Tritton USA have come up with an affordable and space saving solution to your lack of stereo gaming with the Detonator Stereo Headset, officially licensed to Microsoft for use with the XBOX 360. If you were to visit the Tritton USA website you will find that their motto is, “The Unfair Advantage”! After using the headset; I realized that motto could not be more right! Your gaming awareness kicks up a good 30-40% particularly when playing first person shooters. Many producers of some of the more popular games out to date tend to focus heavy on the sound aspects of a game. Creeping up the steps in Battlefield 3; in attempts to snuff out some unsuspecting camper would normally be easy should the person not pay attention to the foot steps on the floor. I found that when using the Detonator headset those details of the game were kicked up a great deal. The ability to hear the subtle sounds of your opponent changing the magazine to their USAS-12 Gauge matters a great deal when you have depleted the rounds in your M16 Carbine and are only left with a six shot 44 cal. revolver. You may want to get the drop on that person before they end your kill streak. Not a problem when using the Detonator Headset!

Tritton-Detonator-Headset-cover_xbox360The cons to the headset are far outweighed by the pros, so I will go into the cons first. Some gamers (like myself) may have an issue with loose wires hanging around, in front you or just in plan sight. Because the Detonator headset happens to not be one of the more pricier wireless style head phones out, this is one of the minimal drawbacks you would have to deal with. The only other downside to the headset would be in the material used in the design. Due to the hard plastic outer body and the size of the peripheral, every head movement you make tends to be heard within the hollow design. This really had not become a factor for me; while using the headset until in-game sounds had stopped, or I turned down the volume.

The pros were pretty decent. Features like the ability to mute in-game team voice talk, and in-game music/effects were the obvious. In-Ear game playback was enough to have me jumping almost out of my skin; at the very sound of in bound tank shells. exploding near me. All in all, it was a delight to use the headset almost more so than my Home Theater system, and for the price of $79.99 it was well worth it.

Tritton-Mad Catz-Stereo Headphones

You can check out my video overview and the Tritton USA Detonator Headset video below.







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  • It was actually on sale at $79.99! retails for $99.99 I believe.. glad it works well with the games… the non wireless feature I can see being a problem though…

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