Xbox 720 aka Loop hardware specs leaked?

Xbox 720 aka Loop hardware specs leaked

Although we’re in the biggest gaming coma of all time right now, it doesn’t stop us from needed that “new console” feeling. And so, for the super anxious among you, the next Xbox code name “Loop” make have a had a secret or two leaked. Supposedly this things will make it to CES 2012 with dual GPU and a six core CPU. WOW!

The unnamed source also reveals another key feature of the new hardware: a dual-core graphics subsystem based on hardware from AMD. Again, that makes sense: the current-generation Xbox 360 features a custom-built ‘Xenos’ GPU developed by ATI, now part of AMD, while dual-GPU configurations are becoming increasingly popular in PC gaming for boosting performance.

A dual-GPU setup – assuming that it uses more powerful parts than the 500MHz Xenos in the current Xbox 360 – would draw considerable power and generate intense heat, however. Given the problems Microsoft had with overheating causing the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ failure on early Xbox 360 hardware, it will have to make sure it develops an adequate cooling system.

Finally, Xboxygen’s source claims that the system will ship with 2GB of DDR3 memory – a figure that seems paltry given the 4GB-8GB of RAM found in the average gaming machine, but representing a four-fold increase over the 512MB found in the current Xbox 360.

Sony? Your turn.


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