XBox Live Customers Suffer From Service Outages


Service outages are certainly not a common issue for the software giant to have, but an issue none the less! After having eradicated some less than watchful campers on Battlefield 3, I could not help but notice my opponents character avatar immediately disappear. Could this be the talked about “outage” effecting XBox customers, or could this just be some angry child’s inability to not snatch $400 worth of his parents hard earned cash off of the entertainment center in a frustrated rage? Now go out side and get the switch off of that tree, and it better not be a small one! LMAO

Really though, there seems to be some info floating around on this outage issue…

Xbox Live appears to be offline for many gamers. Reports of trouble with Microsoft’s network are flooding in across Twitter and we’ve been able to confirm that attempting to sign in to Live results in an error (status code: 80072ee2.) All Xbox Live services are currently inaccessible to those affected. Microsoft’s Xbox status pagecurrently says users “may experience difficulties viewing backgrounds, channels, or slots from Xbox Live in the Xbox Dashboard” but the issue we’re seeing appears far more severe. This outage comes just a day after Microsoft celebrated the tenth anniversary of Xbox Live.

Update: The Xbox Live status page now reflects that users are having trouble signing in. Microsoft says it will update the site every 30 minutes until the disruption is resolved.


As per: The Verge

Should someone be check up on SONY right about now?





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