Medal Of Honor Warfighter Release date: Oct 23rd

Medal Of Honor Warfighter Release date Oct 23rd

Breaking news here folks! That’s right, the official release date for Medal Oh Honor Warfighter will be Oct 23rd! It will make its way to the Xbox, PS3 and PC platforms.

You know we are huge Battlefield fans around here, but one dirty little secret we always had is we are bigger MOH fans! The last MOH was actually the first time Dice test drove the Frostbite 2 engine. It was a much faster paced infantry based version of Battlefield. This time you can expect more of the same, they will be rolling with the experience gains from Battlefield 3 and focusing MOH on the shooting and not so much environmental madness!

To Quote our own Snow “Best game ever!!!,” I actually tend to agree! Check out the official trailer below!


And just incase you forgot how hard we go on MOH, check out this video from a while back when it was first released!


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