PS Vita Games: Getting PS One Classics?


Sony appears to be getting closer to sorting out PSOne support for the PlayStation Vita following the appearance of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command on the EU PS Vita store this week.

It seems Sony may be supporting the PlayStation One backlog, at least soon, on the PlayStation Vita. A game – Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – appeared on the European Vita Store to buy for £3.99 ($6.47), but gamers weren’t able to play the game.

On gaming forum NeoGAF, a user confirmed the game boots in a PSP emulator.

“The thing boots into the PSP emulator, which would initially suggest it’s just mislabelled or something, but the custom Live Area background confirms the support is coming,” the user wrote.

President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said engineers are “working hard” on PlayStation One Vita support and told users to “be patient” after a user on Twitter asked what the situation was on bringing support. The Vita is a completely different platform, so it’s not surprising Sony is taking its time to port the games.

The game was spotted on Thursday, April 26, by Reddituserryukyu22. Ryukyu22 was able to download the game, enter the menu to start the title and also access the emulated PlayStation One menu. Ryukyu22 was even able to use right thumbstick mapping and bilinear filter color space. However, when the user tried to view the digital manual, the file was corrupt.

Sony was the first major gaming company to legally offer PlayStation One games on mobile devices, launching the PlayStation Xperia PLAY. The device was designed to bring gaming to Android devices, as the phone would slide out to reveal a controller. Though, in the case of Android, the bigger problem seems to be that the operating system is running different versions on different devices and developers therefore struggle to release games optimized for all Android devices.

It’s possible that Sony was testing out the emulator, or simply made a mistake, because Buzz Lightyear of Star Command probably isn’t considered a classic title by most people. Whatever the reason for the upload, long-time characters such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon will likely be available on Vitas soon.

The PlayStation 3 allows owners to download PS1 and Turbografx



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