Gamestick: Android powered console

Have you met Gamestick

Gamestick is an ambitious new Android powered console coming from a very grass root developer beginning. The basis behind the project stems from the idea of making gaming not only portable, but simple.

Perhaps the most innovative part of the Gamestick console is how it is powered and connected to your big screen TV, this is done through HDMI. That’s right, it is actually powered through HDMI! In lieu of something like an Xbox or PlayStation where the main console draws power from an outlet and is then controlled but a separate controller, Gamestick’s “controller” is actually the main console as well.

Lets not be fooled, within the amazingly thin controller setup is actually a fairly powerful existence. Powered by an Amlogic 8726-MX processor, 1GB of DDR3 Ram, 8GM of onboard storage, wifi, Bluetooth, full 1080p HD output and all powered by Android’s Jelly Bean, this thing means business!

In today’s market, mobile gaming has proven to be a force to recon with, here is where Gamestick has a chance to be something truly special. Sure, there are some great games on our phones and tablets, but they would be so much better off with a controller experience. Gamestick could very well be the bridge. Coupled with the tons of developers already on board to produce some really unique and innovative gaming content for Gamestick, this is surly something you’ll want to keep your eyes on. I for one will be sending some money their way, I’d love to get my hands on one as soon as possible. Check out details in their entirely over at Kickstarter.


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