Watch Out For These Three Schemes in the World of MMORPG

Massive multiplayer online role playing games are just as subject to schemes and scams as anything else in the world. However, because of the online environment, and the potential gains involved, these scams tend to capitalize on either a player’s fear or greed. So if you as a player get the sense that something fishy is going on you should always notify the game’s administrators to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of. However, some of the biggest scams to keep your eye out for are as follows;

“Your Information Is Missing”

We’ve all gotten those emails before. Your bank account information has been compromised. Your email password went missing. Your Facebook info is gone. Generally speaking people have learned that any time an email pops up asking for you to share your personal access information it should send up red flags. Even if it looks like it’s coming from a legitimate source, you always double check with the supposed origin. Otherwise you’ve given out your access information, which can lead to your account being stripped and all your stuff being sold off to the highest bidder. And if you have actual, real world money information attached to your account, then you could be in much, much bigger trouble.

“Let’s Trade”

This is an in-game scam that often happens. Someone will offer to trade you an item that seems like a solid buy. You try to put the trade through, but it doesn’t work. The other party suggests you try again, and then when it goes through the trader dashes off screen and away. It turns out that what you got on the second trade was not what you thought you were getting, and instead of the Sword of Slaying what you have is the Sword of Irritable Prodding. It’s why you should always check to make sure no one has pulled a bait-and-switch on you.

“Sure, We Can Build Your Character Up”

This scam is hard to catch because it bases itself off of a genuine service. MMORPGs require a lot of time invested in order to build a character up to a solid power level, and not everyone wants to put that kind of time in. So these services offer to essentially play your character for you, building you up in exchange for real world money. However, some of these services are more legitimate than others, taking your money and your account information and dashing off into the darkness before you know what’s going on. This is why, before you even consider using a service that promises you a bigger, badder character, you should always read the fine print and read up on customer reviews. If someone got scammed, they’ll be sure to let other potential victims know all about it online.

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