New Tomb Raider will have multiplayer

New Tomb Raider will have multiplayer

The new Tomb Raider will be a complete reboot of the series, so much so that a multiplayer mode is making its first ever appearance in the series. The multiplayer portion of the game has been handed to the Eidos Montreal team. The Verge outlines some of the new modes below:

In addition to a relatively standard Team Deathmatch mode, Tomb Raider will also offer “Rescue” and “Cry for Help.” In Rescue mode, you’ll be able to play as either a survivor or a scavenger. Survivors will be tasked with collecting medpacks and delivering them to on-map locations, while scavengers will be aiming for a high kill count. In the mode, characters will have a “bleed out” time, similar to Gears of War orBorderlands, during which other players will be able to revive their comrades. The exact details of Cry for Help mode aren’t clear, but Eurogamer notes that “the emphasis is on discovery and collection as opposed to combat.”

Look for more details as the release of the game is right around the corner, its set for a march 5th release.


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