Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Sound Headset Could Be Your Best Choice For Gaming (Review)


Earlier this year, I was privileged to get my hands on an item for my Xbox that made gaming just that much more easier. One would believe that using a more responsive controller would account for more kills in a multiplayer game of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Well yea, perhaps it may but that only helps you with what you can see. What about the things that you can not see? When gaming with my peoples and the entire ‘Ignorant Gamerz’ Squad we don’t just rely on optical senses alone; auditory plays a major role just the same. Game developers of today put much more into their ‘first person shooters’ than just what you see. A lot goes into what you hear as well. So you are deep in a game of Battlefield 3 and you are just a few tickets away from the game of your life and a victory for you squad. It’s a pretty close and intense game that can swing in the opposing teams favor at any point. You are perched between a tunnel wall and a dilapidated subway car while playing “Operation Metro”. Three members of the opposing team manage to work their way pass your team in an attempt to capture your flag. You have no visual idea that they are in your vicinity, but wait…You can hear the boots of the incoming enemies making contact on the station floor. You can even tell by the direction of the sound; which way they are coming from. Does this all sound pretty incredible? Well it should for some one with a home theater system or, a pair of Tritton headphones.


Tritton Detonator

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Tritton Technologies in affiliation with Mad Catz is a company that makes the world of gaming crystal clear from an audio point of view. Their slogan; “The Unfair Advantage” could not be more true when using Tritton Headphones. Having already used the Tritton Detonator Stereo Headphones which were in no way sub-par, I needed something with a little more of what I am used to with home entertainment sound and without disturbing the Misses; or my neighbors while maintaining that High Definition experience you get out of home entertainment systems. Peripheral creators at Tritton Technologies have indeed delivered with the “Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround” headset.

tritton-720-plus headsetTritton-720-plus-Sound Module And Headset remote

Getting right in to the goods with the720+ headphones; off the back you will notice that the construction of these headphones are much more sturdier than the previous Detonators. The ear cups are wider to accommodate a larger 50mm driver capable of delivering 7.1 sound. Where the Detonators came with only excessive wires and a remote built into the headphone wire, the 720+ headphones come with an 7.1 audio processing unit that gives this kit its remarkable sound quality. The wiring has been some what minimized this time around. The kit includes a 3.5mm stereo wire (for use with your PC or Media Player), a High Definition plug for Xbox usage, an optical cable for your Xbox 360 which if you are using the newest version; comes optical cable ready. A locking detachable boom microphone, a USB cable used for connecting to a PC, Xbox or PlayStation, and the typical wire mounted remote that has a breakaway feature for inadvertent pulls and snags.

Tritton 720  Full Kit

Technical specs are well above average with the Tritton 720+ delivering 3D Audio, Selectable Voice Monitoring (which allows you to hear your own voice), a gaming microphone mute button, separate game and voice volume control rockers and selectable EQ settings for music and movies.

So here is my experience with the Tritton 720+ headphones. “Utterly remarkable”!!!! Just when I though the detonators offered decent gaming and overall sound, I am no wowed at Tritton’s ability to reproduce 7.1 sound within a pair of headphones. Lets move right on to the pros: Great for the price of $149.99 (Could possibly find them for cheaper), excellent High Def. 7.1 sound, sturdy construction, multiple EQ selections, decent in-box accessories, excellent music and movie sound reproduction, and wiring has been minimized by comparison to the Detonator Headphones. The Cons: Unit is not a wireless device so the wire from the headphones to the HD processor is still a factor when using, Slight sound distortion when watching movies with the volume maxed, may be considered a bit bulky by comparison to other High Def. headphones.

All in all, for the price as well as the features; the Tritton 720+ Surround headphones are a crystal clear bargain for your bucks, and as all of sound conscientious as I am; I would rather turn the Home Theater system off when gaming. Not because I care about what the neighbors would say or for what my light bill could drop to, but only that I may experience 7.1 sound quality of this level coming from $149 headphones. I truly don’t believe that things could get better than this…Or could they? Hmmm, can you say…Wireless 7.1 Headphones by the Tritton guys! Well I guess my love for the 720+ will be shorter than the wire it comes with! Just kidding!

Check out the video unboxing / hands on overview of the Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround headphones coming soon.





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