PS4: no backwards compatibility or 4K resolution for games

PS4 no backwards compatibility and more details

According to British publication PSM3, the upcoming PS4 may not support older PS3 games. This comes about with Sony’s new efforts to block piracy by restricting disc access to games. Other reports hint at them associating each purchased disc to a PSN account, which could be a huge blow to services like GameFly. As for PS3 classics, those are to be offered online to stream or download.

4K resolution is also rumored to not make it to the new PlayStation 4 system. If it does, it maybe present in movies only, not games. This might be a lesson Sony learned from the PS3, where they system was almost a year late to market because of the Blu-ray technology. This in itself might be another mistake if 4K playback does not it to the system because Sony themselves are gearing up to push 4K enabled TVs in 2013.

Lastly, the actual name of the system might not be Playstation 4 at all. Although its  common sense here in the states, the number four in Japanese is “Shi,” which also means death. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to know that something to avoid.  As of now, the internal code name for the PS4 is Orbis, still no word from Sony as to what it will be.


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