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I’m sure many of you remember playing some of the Nintendo games and even the Super Nintendo games back when you were younger and some of you may even still have some of these games around. Of course when I was growing up I actually had both games at different times, and I actually still have these games put away on a shelf. A lot of people still like to play these types of games, the problem is that the gaming systems can end up breaking, leaving people with just the games and no way to play them. In this article we’re going to be looking at the SNES/NES FC Twin Video Game System, which will allow you to play Super Nintendo or Nintendo games.

As we already mentioned, this product is going to have the ability to allow you to play game cartridges that you may have for the Nintendo or the Super Nintendo System. This is great for the people who used to have both units at one point in time before they ended up breaking for one reason or another. Something you’re going to find about this gaming system though is that the controllers that are provided are rather light, and because of this they can be awkward to play. Of course many of you probably still have your old controllers and if not you can always find them on eBay relatively cheap.


One of the drawbacks you’re going to find about this unit is the fact that you will not be able to play certain games as it is only designed to play original Super Nintendo games or original Nintendo games. Of course you should keep in mind that this will not be an issue for most people as most of the game’s people have are the original games made for the Nintendo Systems. One other thing I would like to mention about this product compared to the original consoles, is that if you pause the game for too long, over 5 minutes, the game may end up freezing up on you causing you to have to start again.

Review Sources

For those of you who decide to go and check out the reviews on Amazon about this product you’re going to find that the majority of people think this is a great product. In fact out of the 162 customer reviews you’re going to find on Amazon more than 100 of these people gave this a four or five star rating.

Final Thoughts

Something that may surprise you about this product is how inexpensive it actually is as you can order this from Amazon right now for just $41.84. You’re also going to find that this qualifies for Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping, which means you’re not going to need to pay extra in order to have the ship to your home. So if you still have your old Nintendo or Super Nintendo games and would like to play them, you may find that this product is a good option.




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