Lifestyle Episode 10: MOH Beta, Forza Horizon, Blackberry 10 fail, Galaxy camera and more

Welcome to Episode 10. Topics discussed:

0:09 Medal Of Honor Warfighter Beta! Check out our side by side game play review:

5:16 Forza Horizon Demo! Check out our impressions video:

7:02 More iPhone 5 issues. This time around a green glow issue on the display:

8:50 Consumer reports comes to the rescue of the iPhone 5 and it’s camera issues:

11:09 Steve Wozniak speaking out against Apple again:

15:47 Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

17:17 Samsung Galaxy Camera:

20:14 Nokia Lumia 920 exclusive to AT&T, will this hurt it? Check out the post:

23:25 Rim and Blackberry 10 just will not cut it!

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