Nintendo Wii U off to a rough start

Nintendo Wii U off to a rough start

Nintendo has enjoyed incredible success with the casual gaming platform, it was only a matter of time before they stepped it up and showed us what they had. Casual gaming or not, the Wii U has the entire market to itself as it is the only gaming console being launched this holiday season, and we all know how consumers feel about spending money of the “new and shiny.”

For those who couldn’t wait for Santa to come around, it seems as if they’re experiencing numerous issues. Not being able to download mandatory updates, Nintendo’s social world killer app called Miiverse is down, Hulu and Amazon video services aren’t available as promised, and the list goes on.

A message on Nintendo’s Facebook page today warned that the Miiverse is overcapacity. “Oops. So many Miis have jumped on Miiverse that some may be having problems connecting to the service. We are in the engine room getting it fixed!,” the post said. The status update received more than 1,000 “likes” and 300 comments in four hours.

Nintendo did not immediately reply to emails seeking comment.

The Miiverse problems, however, seem to be taking a backseat to the massive software update that all owners must install out of the box. Customers online are reporting hours-long download times, surely made worse by the number of people all trying to get it on Day One.

“The very first thing you need to do is download a system update that’s well over 1 gig in size. It took me 2.5 hours to get it,” wrote one reviewer on, adding that every single game also required an update. In general, he called the operating system and user interface slow. “Want to go to settings? 15 seconds. Want to visit Miiverse? Another 15 seconds. Want to click on a message in Miiverse? Yep, another 15 seconds. Everything is dreadfully slow.”

Kotaku reportsthat the download rates are reaching up to four or five hours and that the firmware update could be as large as five gigabytes. The update is needed if players want to access online features, transfer data from another Wii and visit the Miiverse.

Some first-day hiccups can be expected on launch days and can be magnified by the fact that consumers are so excited to rip open the box and get started. It’s a situation that will likely be repeated Christmas morning, unless Nintendo acts fast to get more server capacity. Despite the disruptions, Nintendo is benefiting from the number of diehard fans eager to get their hands on the new console, the only new gaming hardware coming out this holiday season.

Today, two configurations became available for sale, including a basic set that costs $300 and a deluxe version that costs $350 and comes with more storage and the Nintendo Land video game. A strong lineup of titles, including more than 20 games from many third parties, are also for sale.

Hopefully Nintendo can iron out these issues before holiday frenzy kicks in!


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