Awesome New Xbox Integration with The New Windows Features just did a full on list & faq for the latest Windows 8 will interact with the newest Xbox updates. I do not dare to rewrite what they have put. Just know it is very detailed and informative even if you have one of the two. Let’s just say this, if you are invested in the Xbox ecosystem, chances are you are about due for a new computer (or upgrade) and this post from will help you understand exactly what is going on.

This article will cover these main topics; SmartGlass, Xbox Games on Windows, Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Xbox Games App, Getting the New Windows, and a simple FAQ section.

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Along with its new touch-friendly interface, enhanced multi-monitor support, and the thousands of new apps already available in the Windows store, there’s another reason get Windows 8: your Xbox 360. The newest release of Windows, now available, includes unprecedented integration with Xbox.

I’m going to focus on the areas where Windows and the Xbox come together here; for the full scoop on what’s new in Windows 8, check out the Microsoft Windows website.




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